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What Students Say About CLS

We can say many things about learning Croatian at the Croatian Language School of London but we think it is better to let our students say it their way. People from all walks of life have learned Croatian with us both for business and pleasure. Here’s what they say:

For over two years my wife and I have studied with Linda via Skype. We moved to Croatia in 2013 and participated in a two-week intensive course on the island of Losinj. Living in Croatia, we hear and speak Croatian daily, but we do not receive much feedback and correction. At the Losinj course we had much practice listening, speaking, reading and writing. Losinj class activities were tailored just to our needs. Linda is a great teacher, who is concerned that we speak Croatian well, not just that we can communicate. She helped reinforce our current language ability, corrected some bad habits, and moved us toward a deeper understanding of the language and culture in which we now live.

Ellen and Matt Bjerk, Croatia
Flag of Croatia

Thank for our course this week. It was exactly what I wanted and I was very happy with how things went. In fact I have been very happy with the lessons in general here and on Skype.

Robin Hardi, UK (Zagreb Course)

I wanted to start learning Croatian after visiting Dubrovnik and Zagreb last year and falling in love with the country. I contacted the Croatian Language School and have now been having lessons for the last 6 months. 
The standard of teaching is fantastic and they offer complete flexibility with regards to learning that can fit around a busy lifestyle and are always available to help you with any questions you may have. I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

Andrew Webster, London

As a Croatian-born American who left Croatia at age 5, I lost much of the language over the years. Having recently moved to the London area with greater opportunities to visit Croatia, I am very motivated to refresh my understanding and reading ability. 
Most importantly, I want to be able to have conversations with my relatives when I visit Zagreb. 
Linda is very patient and makes everything interesting, even the complicated verb conjugations! My lessons are on Skype using a video cam which is the next best thing to being in the same room. I can see her speak which is very helpful. 
Travel has not impacted the lesson schedule because either of us can be anywhere. I highly recommend it! 

Vlasta Pinkston, London

For someone with a working knowledge of Croatian who wishes to increase their communication skills in the language and who has an empathy with the place, but whose spare time is limited, Linda’s new project of an intensive weekend of immersion in Zagreb life, is a brilliant idea. Last weekend I spent two and half days there and loved every minute. I cannot believe how much we managed to pack into such a short time – from everyday things like shopping and trying to join in conversations to getting a taste of Croatian culture at the theatre with so many things in between, not to mention some one-to-one language lessons to reinforce what I had been learning while out and about. I came home feeling thrilled at what I had achieved and with a renewed determination to carry on improving my ability to communicate in Croatian. Just the incentive I need to cope with all the intricacies of Croatian case endings, perfective and imperfective verbs and all the other stumbling blocks along the way. Now I am determined that I will eventually get to grips with them. And, more important than anything, I really want to! 
Thank you, Linda, for a brilliant weekend and all your hard work. I hope I’ll be able to do it again sometime. 

Julia Molden, London

It’s a fact that Croatian is a really difficult language but the lessons at the Croatian Language School of London have been excellent. Linda Rabuzin has endless patience and I have really enjoyed some of the on-location schools in Croatia – both in Porec and in Losinj. 

Julia Berg, London

Skype training is a revolution in language training with Linda. Skype enables the person to concentrate on the sound and learning like never before. This has enabled our learners to be at home, work or in any office and still continue learning. We would recommend this to all as an effective tool to advance learning. Many thanks, Linda. 

Kerry Halliday , Poseidon Group HR Manager, London
Learn croatian in croatia - losinj

I just wanted to let you know that your Croatian lessons have been incredibly valuable! I am enjoying being able to actually talk to people! Even if I understand only 50% of a conversation, that is 100% more than I understood the last time we were in Croatia. This morning I was walking with my daughter, and I stopped and had a great conversation with a baka who was sitting in the shade by the road. She thought I was a German tourist until I told her I was from America. Thank you for your great teaching!

Matt Bjerk, USA (Zagreb Course)

We really enjoyed the lovely weekend in Zagreb. It was packed full of information not only on language but also food, culture, history, places of interest and new experiences. We particularly enjoyed the tour of the old town and the Croatian Theatre experience. We felt so welcome and looked after with typical Croatian hospitality. We would thoroughly recommend the “Zagreb Weekend Experience” to anyone learning Croatian as a way to immerse yourself in the culture and language but enjoy yourself at the same time! 

Angela & Gary Connor, London

Professional and sympathetic teaching builds a strong foundation for further learning, enthusiastic and supportive fellow learners, work in small groups, interactive teaching style that involves all students, interesting and varied fellow students. Fun – especially fun.

David Baker, London

This summer’s Croatian cookery course, held on the island of Losinj, marked a tasty, new departure for the Croatian Language School and a highly enjoyable one. As a nervous and unconfident cook, I was pleasantly surprised to find that cooking could be fun! The course, led by inspirational chef Mladen Marusic from Zagreb, introduced us to a wide range of regional dishes, as well as teaching us the language and cultural aspects of the food we were preparing. It also took some of the mystery out of the daunting experience of shopping for Croatian ingredients when you cannot understand the labels. I learnt many basic cooking techniques, which I had never acquired before, and a few of chef’s tips, all of which boosted my confidence and success in cooking. The fact that I was learning Croatian cookery, rather than English, helped to eradicate my previous unsuccessful experiences in cooking. Mladen always had his finger on the pulse and knew exactly what each student was doing. He was encouraging and professional, helping each student at whatever level they were. And he made it fun! It was a joy to be on this course and, of course, we were able to sit down together afterwards and enjoy the wonderful banquet we had made, while continuing to practise our Croatian language skills. Since my return to the UK I have been inspired to cook for friends and family, which has deepened their interest in the language and culture of Croatia. I can’t wait for the next course!

Gloria Langridge, Shetland Islands