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Learning Croatian on the island of Losinj

For anyone who wants to learn quickly how to speak Croatian or greatly improve their spoken Croatian.

A particularly effective Croatian immersion programme is offered by Croatian Language School in the village Ćunski on the island of Lošinj.

CLS language courses run all year round for a minimum of 4 hours of intensive tuition a day. All courses are for individuals or two persons, from general to specialised Croatian at any level. Courses at the Croatian Language School are organised in accordance with CERF guidelines (Common European Reference Framework).

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Each day from the morning, students are taken through a well-planned, diversifed study programme, practice sessions include role playing in both everyday and professional situations.

For those keen to get to know more of Croatian cinema, culture and music, the full-day programme is complemented in the evening by: home cinema showings of a Croatian film, plus outings with a teacher to the theatre, the cinema, a restaurant, plus a full-day excursion, etc.

At the end of their programme and the achieved level of language knowledge, students can converse in Croatian.

The key of the language immersion week is talk and more talk in a Croatian speaking environment – in a variety of situations, using and re-using the fundamental vocabulary one needs for everyday conversation.

Our students are housed in very pleasant, private apartments in the idyllic village of Ćunski and walking distance of the School. For those arriving by car, they can decide and find the accommodation in the neighbouring village of Artatore or in the picturesque town of Mali Lošinj, only 9 km away from the School.

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Beginner (A1) and Elementary (A2)

Intermediate (B1 & B2)

Advanced (C1 & C2)


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